A Book Apart project

A Book Apart

is for the books that find us & connect us

at the perfect moment in time.

I’ve always been a huge believer in books coming into our lives at just the right time… and then of course, releasing them when they’re no longer serving their purpose, which is where the idea for A Book Apart was born.

Actually… that’s a half truth. If I had my way I wouldn’t get rid of any of my books, but one night after discussing our big, ambitious NYC plans, JS said that if we were serious about moving to NYC in the next decade (as is the plan!) we’d need to downsize our house to fit within a 1 bedroom unit. More specifically, my stuff, because I’m the sentimental one who literally has every single card given to me since birth.

I didn’t realise how hard it would be to give books away until I was confronted with the actual act of doing so…

You see, whenever I’ve travelled over the last almost 15 years I’ve always made it a habit to buy a new book from the location I’ve visited. Mainly i’d buy from secondhand bookships, because hello, they’re cheap! but it also meant that the book was not only a leisure time activity, but a tiny little time capsule of my life, a snapshot into who I was. It captured where I was in the world, in my life, in my thinking.  When I look at my books the memories come flooding back to me in waves – sometimes they bring feelings of happiness, other times happy memories that turn to sadness, and sometimes they bring all the feelings of days spent wrapped in blankets because I didn’t want to leave the textual world for reality. Its all very warm and fuzzy right.

With this in mind i decided that maybe i’d like to leave little messages in every book i had to get rid of.. to let the next person know that someone read this book and treasured it before them, and that once they’ve finished with it, to leave the book for someone else who may need it.

So it’s no wonder that my heart broke just a little when it came time to say goodbye to those books I no longer read, and slowly I lined them up at the doorway ready to be marched out. That’s when by chance, on my way to work one morning I stopped at a little coffee shop near my place I’d never been to before. They had a community Library in play, so the next day I brought back a stash of books, feeling like i’d be giving them all a new home. An added bonus was that I received a free coffee from the cafe owners (awesome!).

So it goes without saying that I love secondhand books. I love to imagine the life they lived before entering my life. Whose soul they spoke to, how they forever changed that person, who maybe, how they left little to no impact other than some hopefully easily spent time wasting.

The majority of A Book Apart activity will take place on the Facebook page but I’ll try to keep the gallery up to date below on the books currently out in the big wide world.

The Books