Dough-NOT Keep me waiting || Doughnut Time

ahhh Doughnut Time. Always a good time.

Always a favourite with the cool kids needing a sugar hit on their way home from Brisbane CBD after a night out. But for me Doughnut Time is where a night gets started… a night IN drooling over delicious confections that only sugar fueled mad men and women can create that is.

When they first opened within walking distance I was pretty stoked. Here was a way I could eat doughnuts AND burn the calories getting to them. Alas, I’ve never walked to get doughnuts. I drive all the time. I suspect its because a) i’m lazy and b) they’re pretty delicious and waiting all that time to get them in my gob just isn’t an option.

The latest flavorings I’ve delighted in were A NEW DESTINATION and LIFE ON MARS. You can see their epic, epicness below *drool*


Just to give you a bit of an insight into what you’re seeing, this is the official Doughnut Time description (visit their website – you won’t regret it).

A dreamy blue cream glaze, topped with crushed Kit Kats and mini marshmallows!

Rich milk chocolate glaze, topped with chocolate flakes, caramel and Mars pieces!

Now I’ve relived my Doughnut Time experience I’ll head off to Boxing so that I can maybe get some more tonight.

Got a favourite Doughnut Time flavour thats a MUST TRY? Let me know!