On the Travel bucket list 9/3/17

I have a pretty big Life bucket list… there is so much I want to do, and I can be a pretty Type A personality, so lists are one of my favourite things to do. Lately though I’ve been day dreaming more than usual. The need to wander the world, meet new people and contribute to the lives of others seems to be getting stronger and stronger the older I get so it makes sense that as another birthday approaches, so to do the itchy feet.

So even though my “life” bucket list is pretty long, these are the 5 travel destinations that are occupying a large portion of my mind right now:

  1. Ubud, Bali – mainly because after drooling over images for who knows how long we’ve finally booked tickets to this magical, rice terraced jungle. Also, Coffee Planations. Let me say that one again…. COFFEE PLANTATIONS. Yep, already in heaven.
  2. Vietnam – I’ll take the whole country please! This one has been on my list for a few years now. JS and I were meant to be heading there last year, but at a travel show in February 2016 we were swept away by the cheap (ok, relatively cheap) flights to New York at Christmas time. So we did that, and while I will never regret a decision about New York, it did set us back a bit, which means less holidays for a while. Sad face.
  3. Cambodia – As with Vietnam, this one was on our bucket list for our major 2016 holiday, but got bumped for the bright lights and snow induced scenery of NYC on Christmas day. I’ve always loved the majesty of the Cambodian Temple complexes and right now I can’t think of anything more surreal and grounding then watching a sunrise from within them. Safe to say this destination is back on the cards for the next few years
  4. Eastern Europe – ALL OF IT. East Central, to the Baltics, to the Balkans to Southern Eastern Europe. I want to see all of it. Everyday that passes by I’m fearful that another element of an old, beautifully unique world is crumbling away. Whether or not this is the case I’m not entirely sure, but that’s how it feels from my little corner of the world in tropical Queensland. I want to walk the streets of Prague, listen to classic music in Vienna, explore the mountains of Romania, island hop in the coast of Croatia and watch the sun slowly fade away, while jumping over the River Danube with a little help from the 19th century chain bridge that connects the old and new worlds of Budapest.
  5.  New York – New York and its 5 Boroughs will be on every travel list I write, because I always want to return there and discover what’s new and experience the next amazing thing that the diverse communities who live, run and create these boroughs bring to life.