3 (3) is the magic number

I came to the conclusion at start of 2017 that when my birthday hit in March it would be time to start living my (brace yourselves) Magical F**king Unicorn Year (MFUY).

So as I approach 33 in the middle of the month (actually, exactly a week away – eek!) I’m positioning myself to be doing many of the things that this year should be filled with and remembered for.

So like taking those first tentative steps on the ice rink where you’re not too sure if you’ll stride or stack it, I’m digging my toe-pick in and launching myself at full force into re-discovering, or rather re-focusing on some of my passions, habits, hobbies and loves that I’ve let slide over the last half decade for whatever reason (and there are many, many detailed excuses here for that!)

Why am I doing this? Well a few reasons…

  1. I  want to look back when I’m older and go.. “yeah, i started this in my early 30s and it’s turned my life around completely“. The fact is, even with my dodgy genetics, I still have (potentially) a good 30 years up my sleeve to be living my best life, and if I start hot yoga-ing my weeknights away instead of Facebooking or worse still, working constantly, then there is a very good chance I will be able to master the same headstand that I’m so envious of right now.
  2. I need a side hustle. There I said it. I need to hustle way more than I do. I’m a pretty creative and energised person, but I’m also pretty inclined to use avoidance-tatics and convince myself I’ve got time. I guess I’ve lost a little of the kick-myself-in-the-butt mentally when it comes to my personal projects as I’ve gotten older. My Dad likes to call this being “Chilled” or “Mellow” but I know it’s something else that probably starts with L (look, he had the right L sound okay?)
  3. I actually need a portfolio to cut it. If I ever want to land the type of work that will allow me to wander the globe, and more importantly live in NYC and have an awesomely creative, inspiring life than I need more than a corporate CV. I’m proud of my work experience and history -I’ve done some really great, fun, cool and fattening things with the brands I’ve worked in and on but it’s not enough to make me stand out when there are 10,000,000 people all vying for that same Travel Writer & Researcher role with a publication that resonates deeply with readers, writers and consumers in general. I want to be that lucky 1, who had prepped like she was following the iceberg mentality to a T.
  4. I need to connect with humans who share my passions. Look, JS is great and we have a solid partnership, and yes we do share a love of travelling and other hobbies but Coffee, Photography and art-y type activities are not really included in there. Just as camping, playing computer games and being in Sun are not on my fave “to do” lists. Sure, JS will join me at art exhibitions, theater openings, cafes, bars and countless other cultural events but he doesn’t always get the same thrill out of it as I do. He will kindly pose for photos, but when the situation is reversed and I’m looking for a stunning shot with an amazing Cityscape background and coffee in my hand as I gaze dreamily into the middle distance, like I have no clue a photo is being taken, he somehow manages to make me look like he’s managed to snap a photo while hunting Sasquatch in urban areas. I’ll share these photos in a post one day, but safe to say they’re not good, and probably causes more frustrations than fun so it’s better I connect with people I can work with.
  5. I need to claw back out of the trappings of everyday living that we all fall into. When I say everyday living, I don’t mean the moments of joy around family, friends and milestones or pleasures found simply by relaxing while sipping coffee in a leafy suburban cafe. I mean living life through the daily mundane activities like a king up, going to work, coming home, cooking dinner, doing the washing, exercising, cleaning the house, doing the grocery shopping, and rinse and repeat. Over, and over again until retirement. I want more than that while I’m (relatively) young enough to get about and I feel like creating space in a life for those things you love is a habit, that when practiced becomes the normal routine.

So here’s to 33 being my Magical F**king Unicorn Year, and all the discoveries and re-discoveries that includes. What are your plans for this year?

PS. if you know where I can buy the print below, let me know. It’s F**king Magical.