Travel WIP March 2017

JS and I have just locked down our next adventure for 2017 and while he is more of the “Let’s save up and THEN book a holiday” variety, I’m more of the “Let’s GO EVERYWHERE, take my credit card now!!” variety, which means I’m always planning a few holidays ahead to work out budgets and annual leaves and furkid sitters.

I think it’s because for me… the destination is only one element of the adventure that makes brings me to life. Researching, planning and finding the secret spots, unique attractions and who knows what else, gives me months of endless opportunities to travel through my imagination with a little help from books, blogs and countless travel guides. I’ve very rarely found the reality of a destination not to live up to expectations I’ve created in the month planning so I’m pretty hooked on this concept of the journey really being the most fun part.

With this in mind, it makes sense that I’ve already started looking for and investigating the next trip… well, maybe not the next trip after Ubud, Bali, but the next trip for me, which may come into play just before Bali.

You see, for years I’ve been wanting to take my Mum on holidays. For a variety of reasons which I may or may not disclose in another post at another time, my Mum and I haven’t been on a proper holiday together in approximately 23 years. Life is really good at speeding up once you leave high school, or maybe you get some steady pace until graduating from university if you’re really lucky… but what this means is that when I do see Mum, it’s always in combo with work trips interstate (we live in different states) or she’s coming up to look after the furkids while JS and I head-off on another adventure.

As my Mum hasn’t had the opportunities I’ve had when it comes to travelling, I’m trying to organise a long, longish weekend away somewhere for us to holiday together. I’d really love to be able to send her on a few months trip around Europe with some stops in New York & London, but that’s so out of our budget right now that some short breaks within the Asia Pacific will have to suffice.

So planning has started on a short trip across the ditch to New Zealand’s North Island where Mum and I can do some road-tripping and spa-pampering. I was pretty lucky to have explored a fair chunk of New Zealand already, first on Honeymoon with JS in 2013, and then with my Dad & step-mum after Dad took ill while holidaying there himself in 2016. From these two experiences I’ve gathered that I am 100% capable of leading Mum around the island without a problem.