Brisbane to the 5 Boroughs

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m constantly thinking and talking about New York. No other city in the world captures my heart, mind and imagination as the Big Apple does. Maybe it’s because there is always something to discover, something to explore, and someone to meet, or maybe it’s because you can loose yourself in the endless streets, and parks, and footpaths that criss-cross this heaving human melting pot.

Whatever it is, I want in… I want in, in the biggest way possible.

My ultimate goal is to live, work and play in NYC for a few years by the time I reach my mid-thirties. My wonderful husband JS fully supports this ambition, but the getting there is the hardest part.

So rather than fight the inevitable everyday tinged with normality, which although not exciting does bring me a step closer to realising this dream, I’m going to be a more fastidious in documenting it to try to capture the discoveries & adventures & the everyday serendipity found on my way from Brisbane to the 5¬†Boroughs.