About me


 Adventure-haver || Coffee & Tea Drinker || Food fan

Forever the creative dreamer, with a head in the clouds and pencil, paintbrush or pen in hand, I was always destined to saunter back into the writing world.

But this time, instead of simply imagining all the places I’d go (just like Dr Seuss promised) I figured it was about time I resurrected my little corner of the digital world and shared my discoveries with anyone and everyone who was interested.

Armed with a constant stream of coffee or tea (supplied by JS, as per his Wedding Vows), a love of fast-talking and typing, an eye for adventure and a deep, unrelenting fernweh… this is my world, filled with everyday travels, big adventures and serendipitous finds.

You can email me to find out a bit more or see what I’ve been up to in my food & travel adventures.